2017-18 SCC


2017/18 Statistics Creative-Writing Competition for Secondary School Students

This competition is co-organised by the Hong Kong Statistical Society and the Education Bureau.

The key objectives of the competition are:

  1. to raise the interest of students in statistics and its application; and
  2. to encourage students to creatively express in words the daily application of statistical concepts or put statistical concepts into a story in a scientific and objective manner.

A junior section is firstly introduced for students attending secondary 1 to 2 in this round of competition.  Participants may use the examples in the articles of newspapers, magazines or other news media to illustrate the misuse of statistics.  For details, please refer to the Rules and Regulations.


2017/18 Prize Presentation Ceremony on 23 June 2018


2017/18 Briefing Seminar on 21 October 2017 (Saturday)