Membership Fees and Application Forms

Last Updated: Thursday, 16 February 2017

2015 Subscription Rates

Type of Membership Entrance Fee (HK$, per member) Subscription Fee (HK$, per person per annum)
Full Member 50 200
Certified Statistician Nil 800
Graduate Statistician Nil 600
Examination Associate Nil 600(1)
Student Member Nil 50
Corporate Member Nil 5,000

(1) including examination registration fees.


  1. Members elected after the 30th day of June in any year shall, unless a life subscription be paid, for that calendar year pay half of such annual subscription. 
  2. The payment of entrance fee shall not again be required in the case of a transfer between different types of membership. Once paid, neither the entrance fee nor annual subscription is refundable. 


Application Forms


You are welcome to join the HKSS. Please contact Dr. LAW Ka Yee, Agnes, Membership Secretary, for an application, or download and complete the form below and send it to Dr. LAW Ka Yee, Agnes.


Hong Kong Statistical Society
(Attn: Dr. LAW Ka Yee, Agnes)
P.O. Box 28443
Gloucester Road Post Office

Tel: 2582 4245
Fax: 2157 9296